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Directories of Churches & Denominations

General Directories


Abate Not Reformed Resources: Reformed Christian Church Directory (the most comprehensive collection of Reformed Sovereign Grace Churches listed on the Internet)

Answers: List of Christian Denominations (ordered by historical and doctrinal relationships with short history of denomination and link to official web site)

BIOLA: Resource Guide for Talbot Alumni (Southwest): A great source of information on Christian camps, chaplains, denominational directors and headquarters, education jobs, mission groups, and job placements.

Church Angel: Church Directory of the United States (the most complete and accurate church directory on the Web)

Crossmap Directory: Churches: United States

Crossmap Directory: Denominations

Crosswalk Directory: Denominations

Denominations - Alphabetical (no links)

Denominations (with short history)

Electronic Church: An excellent place to start is ElectronicChurch, which lists the web sites for hundreds of US and Canadian denominations. These sites will often provide links to regional denominational offices, which can be invaluable as contacts and sources for job leads, though too numerous to list here.

Find a Church

Flockfinder (churches can be filtered by over 15 search categories)

For Ministry (American Bible Society): Find a Local Church

Google Directory: Christianity: Denominations

Internet Public Library: Christian Denominations

Manna Cabana: Christianity: Churches, Denominations

Multnomah Bible College and Biblical Seminary: Denominations: (under each denomination, you will find requirements for ministry certification, contact information, and link to the denominational website)

Net Ministries: Denominations Directory

Network for International Congregations (English-speaking)

Praize: Christian Denominations

Religion Facts: Christian Denominations: History, profiles and comparison charts of major Christian denominations.

Religious Movements: detailed profiles of more than two hundred different religious groups and movements

USA Church: Christian Denominations

USA Church: Christian Church Directory

Yahoo Directory: Christianity: Denominations

Yahoo Directory: Churches and Denominations in the United States

Denominational Directories


African Methodist Episcopal Church: Global Directory

Assemblies of God: Church Directory and District Council Offices

Baptist: American Baptist Churches in the USA: Find a Church

Baptist: American Baptist Churches in the USA: Regional Organizations

Baptist: Independent Baptist National Roll Call (fundamental)

Baptist: Independent Baptist Churches

Baptist: Independent Baptist Church Directory

Baptist: Internet Directory of Independent Baptist Churches

Baptists: Web's Largest Directory of Baptist Churches

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ): Congregation Finder

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ): Congregation Web Sites

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ): Regional Ministries

Churches of Christ: Churches of Christ Online (Conservative)

Churches of Christ: Churches of Christ Online: Directories of the Church of Christ (scroll down the screen)

Churches of Christ: ChurchZip

Churches of Christ: ChurchZip: Universal Directories (*COMPREHENSIVE*)

Church of God in Christ (African-American): Domestic Jurisdictions, Foreign Jurisdictions, Churches - USA, Churches - International (scroll down the screen)

Church of the Nazarene: Districts

Church of the Nazarene: Nazarene District Web Sites Network

Church of the Nazarene: Find a Church

Conservative Baptist Association of America: (covenantal fellowship of Regional Baptist Church Associations): Church Finder

Conservative Baptist Association of America: (covenantal fellowship of Regional Baptist Church Associations): Regional Offices

Evangelical Free Church of America: District Information

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America: Finding an ELCA Church or Synod

Evangelical Presbyterian Church: EPC Church Directory

Evangelical Presbyterian Church: Presbyteries

IFCA International: Regional Connections

Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod: Directories

National Association of Congregational Christian Churches: Find Church

National Baptist Convention, USA (nations oldest and largest African-American religious convention): Directories: Member Churches, District Associations, State Conventions (see upper left-hand column)

Reformed Church in America: Links to RCA Churches' Websites

Southern Baptist Convention: Church Search

Southern Baptist Convention: State Conventions and Local Associations

United Church of Christ: Find a Congregation

United Church of Christ: Conferences

United Methodist Churches: Churches & Conferences

United Methodist Churches: Find-a-Church

United Methodist Churches: Regional Offices

Willow Creek Association: Find a WCA Member Church